Glasgow Wanderings

Things have certainly become a lot more interesting around Glasgow’s South Side since I lived there. Here’s a couple of pics of interesting shop fronts found on Glasgow’s south side at the weekend.

Otherside is an interesting a curio shop full of odd books, discs and one-off objects. I’ve been meaning to go in for a while and it didn’t disappoint. You can’t miss the tremendous muralĀ  and the Roger Dean influenced typoraphy outside. Inside, there’s a fine collection of used books on assorted esoteric subjects and an assortment of vintage objects, the vinyl section featured an impressive range of weird and experimental music. I was delighted to find a copy of Egisto Macchi’s classic library music record, Voix.

Photo of Otherside vintage shop in Glasgow
Otherside, vintage books, records and curios.

Across the street, amidst a fair number of bohemian eateries and coffee shops, the Bungo Barista strikes a distinctive note with it’s thoughtful use of stylish typography.

Photo of Bungo Barista coffee shop in Glagsow
Bungo Barista coffee shop
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