40+ Essential InDesign plugins, add-ons, and utilities


Here’s another great list by Stefano Bernardi over at redokun. This one compiles plugins and utilities for InDesign. If you’ve ever wanted InDesign to do something a bit more specialised  or even just a little bit better, here’s bound to be something on this list for you.


Source: 40+ Essential InDesign plugins, add-ons, and utilities – Redokun

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InDesign HTML Import Script

If you’ve ever needed to import HTML code into an InDesign document, you’ll have discovered it’s not that easy. Luckily Ariel Walden over at IDExtras has come up with a nifty script to do it for you. It’s not meant to import a fully formatted, complex HTML page (use Acrobat if you need that) but will “provide the main text and images on any given web page, and import those into InDesign. The idea is that the text should come in with same paragraph and character styles, in a clean and simple manner, ready for use in a design or publication.”

IDExtras is full of other InDesign and Acrobat scripts to make your life easier. Well worth checking out.

Source: An InDesign HTML Import Script | Id-Extras.com

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New Year, New Skills: Colour Management

New year new skills, colour management illustration


Do your images print too dark? Does your logo look the wrong colour? If you’re baffled and frustrated by colour issues, creativelab offers training and troubleshooting in colour management. Most people are unfamiliar with the complexities of colour and the rules their software packages use to describe it, this can create unpredictable and expensive results.

Image of calibration sheet and loupe magnifying glass

creativelab can show you how to set your software up to manage colour correctly, make sure your colour output is predictable across your design workflow and make sure your colours work predictably in all media.

Image of print swatch book

We’ll explain:
Colour profiles
Colour conversions
Monitor and printer calibration
Soft proofing
Measuring colour output

We can also carry out a colour health-check on your systems, identifying potential problems and recommending solutions.

To find out more, email us or call 07834 237 133

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InDesign New Features Guide Updated for CC 2017

If you’ve ever struggled to find out exactly what’s new in InDesign or when a feature was introduced, James Wamser has the guide you need. James developed an interactive guide to InDesign features which goes all the way back to version 1.0 in 1999! He’s just updated it to include the newly released features of CC2017, it’s free and can be downloaded via the link below.


Comprehensive guide to InDesign new features includes the newest version of InDesign and links to other valuable resources.

Source: InDesign New Features Guide Updated for CC 2017 – InDesignSecrets : InDesignSecrets

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404 Ink first issue

Earlier in the year we helped with the development of a logo for the indie publishing startup 404 Ink. We’re happy to see that the first edition of their lit mag is now out.

The first issue features writers and artists including Helen Sedgwick, Kevin MacNeil,  Seonaidh Charity and Karyn Dougan as well as interviews with Wilko Johnson, Girls of Steel, The Sad Ghost Club and others as well as a retrospective look at the errors of 2016.

The magazine is available in both print and digital formats.

Image of 404 Ink first issue, Error
404 Ink first issue, Error


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Jimmy Turrell on his surrealist animated collage video for new Beck single, Wow

While we’re not quite sure about the music-which sounds like Beck rehashing early Beck- we love Jimmy Turrell’s video for the single Wow.

Jimmy Turrell has art directed a surrealist animated video for Beck, working with graphic designer Bráulio Amado and animator Antonio Vicentini. The lyric video for new single _Wow_ is a retina-boggling animation of collaged images and typography that depicts lyrics from the song. A combination of psychedelic gradients, retro aesthetics and gritty textures, the visuals suit the song to a T, as Jimmy explained to _It’s Nice That_ just after the single dropped.

Source: It’s Nice That | Jimmy Turrell on his surrealist animated collage video for new Beck single, Wow

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Getting a Handle on Illustrator’s Width Tool – CreativePro.com

Here’s a handy overview of Illustrator’s Width tool. Some surprising and useful tips.

I love creative tools that help make me look like I have talent I might not actually possess. One of my secret weapons in Illustrator is the Width tool. This clever little tool gives you the power to vary line widths along any stroke. This means that you can draw a simple shape—with the Pen or Pencil tools—then add variety to the stroke by adjusting the widths along points of your choosing. Illustrator’s Width tool First, create a line using your preferred drawing tool, making sure that there is a stroke assigned to the line. Without a stroke, the Width tool has nothing to manipulate. Select the Width tool and start to add width points along the stroke. To do this, hover over the spot you want your width point to be, then click and drag inward or outward from the stroke. By default there are already width points at the end nodes of a stroke, as well as at any corner points. Illustrator creates a smooth transition between all of the varying widths you create. Continue to add additional points by clicking and dragging along the path. Creating width points and manipulating the width of the stroke only changes […]

Source: Getting a Handle on Illustrator’s Width Tool – CreativePro.com

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Designing Gerard Woodward’s Legoland Cover – Picador

Interesting insight by designer, Justine Anweiler, into the design process for her cover for for Gerard Woodward’s short story collection Legoland.

Picador book cover designer, Justine Anweiler, explains how the beautiful and unusual cover design for Gerard Woodward’s short story collection Legoland came about.

Source: Designing Gerard Woodward’s Legoland Cover – Picador

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Combining Typefaces: Free guide to great typography

Tim Brown’s really useful guide to combining typefaces is now available as a free download at the TypeKit Blog. Well worth adding to your library.

Originally published by Five Simple Steps in 2013, my Pocket Guide to Combining Typefaces has sold thousands of copies, been used in college curricula, and been cited in conference talks by industr…

Source: Combining Typefaces: Free guide to great typography

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