Add a custom file icon in OSX El Capitain

Here’s a quick tip for Mac users. Customising file icons is slightly different using El Capitain as we discovered when we attempted to add the creativelab icon to a USB disc.

  1. In the Finder, navigate to the file with the icon you wish to use. A pixel based format such as Jpeg or PNG is preferred.

New icon

2. Open the file in Preview.


Screenshot of opening file in Apple Preview app

Open in Preview

3. Choose File>Select all and then File>Copy to copy the selection.


Screenshot of Select all and copy process

Select all and copy

4. Back in the Finder, select the file or disc and then File>Get Info


Screenshot of info pane of file to be changed

Get Info

5. Highlight the icon at the top left of the Info panel, select File>Paste. The icon is replaced.


Screenshot of pasted new icon

Paste new icon

To revert to the original icon, select the icon to be removed then select File>Cut. The original icon will be restored.

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