Adobe introduces free OCR Scanning app

If you have a full Creative Cloud or just an Acrobat DC subscription, you’ll be interested to know that Adobe has just launched Adobe Scan. Scan is a free document scanning app (available on iOS or Android) that uses Optical Character Scanning (OCR) to convert text in images into editable text. All you need to do is point your device at a document, the app takes a picture and uploads it to the Document Cloud Servers. When you access the PDF version from any device, you’ll find the text selectable and editable.

On a first test we found the process simplicity itself though the resulting text was subject to some random and missing characters so we recommend making sure your document is positioned completely flat in a well-lit area to minimise conversion errors.

Picture of Adobe Scan test file
Adobe Scan test file


Source: Introducing Adobe Scan | Adobe Document Cloud

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Amazon’s Bookstore: No Coffee, No browsing, Not a lot of fun…

The New York Times takes a look round Amazon’s newly opened brick and mortar store. No coffee, no cash, very little browsing and data mining used to direct customers to the most popular titles. It all sounds very slick and high-tech but not like any bookshop we’d want to bother with.


Source: At Amazon’s Bookstore, No Coffee but All the Data You Can Drink – The New York Times

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It’s Nice That | Is it ever OK to work for free?

working for free illustrationAnother article debating the ethics and practicalities of doing design work for free. Some interesting points here but the argument is almost moot as hardly anyone pays anything on time  anyway…

Unfortunately the thorny issue of working or pitching for free isn’t one that’s going anywhere anytime soon. And while we’re sure everyone would agree that you should get paid for work you do, are there some situations where just for the pure joy of creating, it’s OK to make something for nada? “DesignStudio’s”: executive strategic creative director James Hurst thinks not: “If we agree that beer and drugs are free. Until then, get paid, it is expensive working.”

Source: It’s Nice That | Is it ever OK to work for free?

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