The Movable Book of Letterforms

Designer, Kevin Steele has created this spectacular introduction to letterforms. It’s a hand-crafted pop-up book, in an edition of three only, which acts as both an educational tool and a tribute to the craft of paper architecture. I wish there was a mass-production version. See more at Kevin’s web site.

This pop-up book serves as a basic introduction to letterforms, their origins, and unique characteristics. Type plays a fundamental role in the communication process as much through the shapes and styling of the letterforms as the actual words that they join to form. This book also attempts to demonstrate how movable books can be used to educate and create visual impact for audiences of all ages. Interior: digital print on Mohawk Superfine 80lb cover Cover: Laval velour bookcloth debossed with polymer plate All movable parts cut and assembled by hand. 2009 22 pages, 8.25″ x 8.25″ x 2.25″ Edition of 3

Source: The Movable Book of Letterforms

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New Year, New Skills: Social Media Sparks

Screenshot of creativelab SocialMediaSparks graphic

Do you want to create eye catching, professional social media graphics and short videos but don’t have a budget for software? Our Social Media Sparks workshop is an informal, hands-on session which will show you and your team how to get the best from Adobe’s free Spark suite of social media software tools.

We use Spark to create all sorts of content for our own social media channels including posts like these:

Short videos:

And promotional web pages:

Screen shot of creativelab Social Media Sparks web page

In our Social Media Sparks workshop, You’ll learn how to use pictures and typography to put together great looking posts, web pages and short videos. No previous software or design experience is necessary and you’ll be up and running and posting live online right away. Sparks applications are available through any web browser and in versions for iPhone and iPad so you can work on your own laptops or tablets.

We can run a Sparks workshop anywhere you like, right on your own site, or at another venue of your choice.

If you’d like find out more or get a quote please contact us.

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Final, special edition of Tom Phillips’ A Humument coming soon

Source: Thames & Hudson Publishers | Essential illustrated art books | A Humument | A Treated Victorian Novel | (Special Edition/ Includes 1 print)

One of our favourite design/art books at creativelab, is A Humument by the great British designer and artist, Tom Phillips.  Finding an obscure Victorian novel in a London junk shop in the late 60’s, Phillips set about altering every page making the book into a hand-crafted, post-modern art object. It’s been through several editions over the years (including an iPad app) with new pages being added all the time. The project is finishing with a new, 50th anniversary special edition featuring a clamshell box and a limited print. We’ll be raiding the piggy bank for this.

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Stanford Professor puts his entire digital photography course online for free

Our current favourite YouTube channel is Marc Levoy’s tremendous series of lectures on Digital Photography. Marc goes into the real nuts and bolts of how cameras work, perspective, photographic processes and much more. It’s a great watch no matter how much or how little you know about photography.

When it comes to the list of digital imaging pioneers, Marc Levoy is one of those names that belongs right near the top. His work has led to many of the technical advances that we see in use today with computer generated imagery. So, it’s no wonder that he jumped into digital photography. From 2009 until 2014, […]

Source: Stanford Professor puts his entire digital photography course online for free – DIY Photography

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Realistic oil painting coming to the iPad from Adobe

Adobe is about to release realistic painting functions to run inside their iPad apps. This is extremely interesting, check out the video in the link.

PhD student Tuur Stuyck has been working with Adobe to create Corel Painter-style real-time oil painting tools that run on the iPad – which he says is ‘likely to appear in Adobe Sketch’.

Source: Truly realistic oil painting coming to the iPad from Adobe – News – Digital Arts

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stencil, the first stencil app

Stencil, interesting app which converts images into digital stencils which can be used in all sorts of interesting ways…

stencil allows users to apply their own toolkit of custom graphics for drawings, design with a pattern or module, or see a face on the side of a building.

Source: stencil morpholio world’s first stencil app digital drawing

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