Glasgow Wanderings

Things have certainly become a lot more interesting around Glasgow’s South Side since I lived there. Here’s a couple of pics of interesting shop fronts found on Glasgow’s south side at the weekend.

Otherside is an interesting a curio shop full of odd books, discs and one-off objects. I’ve been meaning to go in for a while and it didn’t disappoint. You can’t miss the tremendous mural  and the Roger Dean influenced typoraphy outside. Inside, there’s a fine collection of used books on assorted esoteric subjects and an assortment of vintage objects, the vinyl section featured an impressive range of weird and experimental music. I was delighted to find a copy of Egisto Macchi’s classic library music record, Voix.

Photo of Otherside vintage shop in Glasgow
Otherside, vintage books, records and curios.

Across the street, amidst a fair number of bohemian eateries and coffee shops, the Bungo Barista strikes a distinctive note with it’s thoughtful use of stylish typography.

Photo of Bungo Barista coffee shop in Glagsow
Bungo Barista coffee shop
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Amazon’s Bookstore: No Coffee, No browsing, Not a lot of fun…

The New York Times takes a look round Amazon’s newly opened brick and mortar store. No coffee, no cash, very little browsing and data mining used to direct customers to the most popular titles. It all sounds very slick and high-tech but not like any bookshop we’d want to bother with.


Source: At Amazon’s Bookstore, No Coffee but All the Data You Can Drink – The New York Times

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