Paolozzi from the Edinburgh Beer Factory

Eduardo Paolozzi is one of our favourite artists here at creativelab so we were impressed to see Edinburgh Beer Factory’s gorgeously designed, Paolozzi tribute brew. According to DJ Food’s post it tastes great too so we’ll be ordering a wee something from the various options on the EBF site…

On my trip to Edinburgh last weekend, one of my missions was to track down a bottle or two of the Edinburgh Beer Factory‘s Paolozzi – mostly for the design of the bottle it has to be said. I only managed to find it on draught in one bar but was surprised at how nice it tasted, a superbly light, clean beer with a slightly sweet taste. On returning home I was sent a link to the EBF website where they sell not only the beer in bottles, but glasses too, in various numbers, all wrapped in glorious Eduardo Paolozzi designs. You can get boxes of just beer or get them to swap out bottles for glasses and some sets come with coasters and a poster. I ordered a box and it arrived in less than 24 hours and all for under a fiver postage, excellent service and a beautiful set to behold with design touches like the ‘Ta Da’ when you open the box. The box and bottles are so nice you don’t want to throw them away when you’re finished. Find them all here in a multitude of combinations including a tour of the brewery.

Source: Paolozzi from the Edinburgh Beer Factory

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